Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth

Worshipful music and Bible-based teaching are the core of all our services. The basic pattern is singing, readings from Scripture, sermon, prayer, and more singing. Hearing assistance devices are available at all services (ask an usher) and the morning services offer a nursery (for infants to age three). Check out What to Expect for details.

8:40 am Contemporary Service

The 8:40 am service includes contemporary Christian music led by our praise band, Reigning Mercy. Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month.

11:00 am Traditional Service

The 11:00 am service follows a liturgical order of worship and on most Sundays, features our choir, led by Jodi Bortz, accompanied by our talented organist, Erin Greer.  At times throughout the year, our bell choir will perform, and during the summer months, we feature special performances from other gifted musicians.  Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month.

6:30 pm Sower Worship Service

The 6:30 pm worship service is part of our youth & young adult ministry, The Sower.  This worship service is held in the Fellowship Hall, open to everyone, and is usually led by our youth & young adult pastor, Rudy Draper.  This time of worship is very communal with group prayer, reading of scripture, and songs of praise. Love offerings are collected and proceeds go to fight human trafficking. Holy Communion is celebrated weekly.

Special Services

In addition to our regular Sunday worship, we celebrate special services for such occasions as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Christmas Eve. We also participate in an ecumenical community service on Thanksgiving Eve and in an Easter sunrise service at Millstream Park.